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  • Long Term Hire
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Forklift Hire

Short Term Hire: Forklifts can be hired from just one day.

Long Term Hire: Need a forklift but it’s not in the budget? Why buy a forklift when you can rent one long term? Our long term rentals ensure you pay less, with all servicing included.

All Forklifts come with Logbooks, manuals, fire extinguishers, and a hazard and risk assessment for your safety. Service history will also be provided on request.
We provide forklifts at competitive prices and great service.

Don’t have a high risk work licence? Hire a forklift Operator from just $45.00 per hour.

Delivery Services

The delivery of the forklift is made easy, with our own transport SA Easylift Towing.

All forklifts are delivered to your requested location ready for the worksite with logbooks, manuals, fire extinguishers, and a hazard and risk assessment for your safety.

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Forklift Hire Requirements

We will need the following questions answered when you hire a forklift.

  1. Do you have a high-risk work licence?
  2. What is the maximum weight you are lifting?
  3. What environment will the forklift be used in eg bitumen,
    concrete, rubble or dirt?
  4. What is the height you need to lift to?
  5. Do you have any height restrictions eg low doorways or overhead obstructions?
  6. What is the purpose of its use?
  7. Do you require gas or will you arrange your own?
  8. How long do you require the forklift for?